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مقالات مرکزتحقیقات  پرستاری تروما در سال 1396


1.     فرزانه مقامی نژاد،محسن ادیب حاج باقری،شیماجهانگیر. عوامل پیشگویی کننده اضطراب بیماران

قبل از آندوسکوپی. نشریه روانپرستاری. بهمن واسفند1395،دوره4،شماره6، 22-28.


2.     Asgarian FS, Masoudi-Alavi N, Aghajani M, Ahmadi A. Correlation between emotional

intelligence and accident among the motorcycle riders in Kashan. Feyz, Journal of Kashan

University of Medical Sciences, December, 2016; Vol. 20, No 5, Pages 469-476


3.     Sadat Z, Abdi M, Aghajani M.  Prevalence of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Related

Factors Among Patients Discharged From Critical Care Units in Kashan, Iran. Arch Trauma

Res. 2015 December; 4(4): e28466.


4.     Kashani L, Eslatmanesh S, Saedi N, Niroomand N, Ebrahimi M, Hosseinian M,

Foroughifar T,. Salimi S,Akhondzadeh S. Comparison of Saffron versus Fluoxetine in

Treatment of Mild to Moderate Postpartum Depression: A Double-Blind, Randomized

Clinical Trial. Pharmacopsychiatry 2017; 50(02): 64-68.


5.     Adib-Hajbaghery M, Sharifi N. Effect of simulation training on the development of

nurses and nursing students' critical thinking: A systematic literature review. Nurse

Education Today 50 (2017) 17–24.


6.     Ramezani Siakholak F, Ghoncheh M, Pakzad R, Sadeghi Gandomani H, Ghorat F,

Salehiniya H. Epidemiology, incidence and mortality of oral cavity and lips cancer and their

relationship with the human development index in the world. Biomed Res Ther 2016,

3(10): 872-888.



مقالات مرکزتحقیقات  پرستاری تروما در سال 1395



1-Efficacy of Pomegranate Ingredients in Treatment  and prevention of disseases.

2. Epidemiology, incidence and mortality of oral cavity and lips cancer and their relationship with the human development index in the world.

3-Assessment of the Associations of Depression with Elder Abuse among the Elderly in Kashan City, Iran.

4-Technological Feasibility of a Nursing Clinical Information System.

5-Effects of Psychoeducation on Mental Health in Patients With Coronary Heart Disease.

6-Physical Activity Patterns in the Elderly Kashan Population.

7-Comparison of effect between group discussion and educational booklet on Iranian nursing students’ attitude and practice toward patient privacy.

8-Performance of Clinical Nurse Educators in Teaching Pharmacology and Medication Management: Nursing Students’ Perceptions .

9-Attitudes of Iranian Women Toward Population Growth: A Questionnaire-Based Study.

10-Nursing Assistants, Medication Errors, and Patient Safety: A New Challenge in Iran.

11-The Quality of Pre-hospital CirculatoryManagement in PatientsWith Multiple Trauma Referred to the Trauma Center of Shahid Beheshti  Hospital in Kashan, Iran, in the First SixMonths of 2013.

12-FacultyMembers Quality of Work Life in Kashan University of Medical Sciences in 2012.

13-Effect of AchilleamillefoliumDistillate on Recovery Time in Patients with Gastroenteritis.

14-A Study on Hospital Admissions For Eye Trauma in Kashan, Iran.

15-Verbal and Non-verbal Rating Scales in the Determination of Pain Severity in Trauma Patients in the Emergency Department.

16-Quality of Work Life and Its Related Factors: A Survey of Critical Care Nurses in Kashan, Iran, 2014.

17. Traumatic Stressors in the Intensive Care Unit: Iranian Patients’ and Nurses’ Viewpoints.





مجلات داخلی مرکز تحقیقات پرستاری تروما :


1-عوامل تاثیر گذار بر تصمیم پزشک برای انتخاب نوع زایمان : مطالعه کیفی /اعظم باقری؛ نگین مسعودی علوی؛ فاطمه عباس زاده

 Akram Ansari, Negin Masoudi Alavi, Mohsen Adib-Hajbagheri, Mohammadreza Afazel.


4- outcome of factors related to traumatic brain injuries among the patientshospitalized in intensive care unit /

Izadi avanji F, Fakharian S, Masoodi Alavi N


Azita Emami , Fazlolah Ghofranipour , Fazlolah Ahmadi , Negin Masoudi Alavi


6- Frustration: A Challenge in Chronic Conditions /  Negin Masoudi Alavi