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کتب وجزوات آموزشی :

1-Blood Alcohol Sampling by Hospital Staff.

2-Burn Survivor Rehabilitation: Principles and Guidelines for the Allied Health Professional

3-Burn Transfer Guidelines - NSW Severe Burn Injury Service - 2nd Edition

4-ADULT TRAUMA CLINICAL PRACTICE GUIDELINES Initial Management of Closed Head Injury in Adults 2nd Edition

5-Mild t raumatic brain injury

6-Coroners Cases and the Coroners Act 2009

7-Critical Care Tertiary Referral Networks & Transfer of Care (Adults)

8-Disaster Health

9-state disaster plan (displan)

10-Early management of patients with a head injury A national clinical guideline

11-Adult Trauma Clinical Practice Guidelines  .Emergency Airway Management in the Trauma Patient

12- Guidelines for Field Triage of Injured Patients Recommendations of the National Expert Panel on Field Triage, 2011

13-Health Plan - Medical Services Supporting Plan

14-Health Plan

15-Hospital  Incident Command System Guidebook

16-Management of Burns and Scalds in Primary Care

17-Adult Trauma Clinical Practice Guidelines Management of haemodynamically  unstable patients with a Pelvic Fracture

18- Adult Trauma Clinical Practice  Guidelines Management of Hypovolaemic Shock in the Trauma Patient

19-Mass Casualty Triage Pack - Smart Triage Pack

20- Prevention Of Fracture Amongst People Aged 65 Years and Over

21- Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 2

22-The Management of Acute Neurotrauma in Rural and Remote Locations A set of guidelines for the care of head and spinal injuries

23- NSW Trauma Minimum Data Set

24- The NSW Trauma Registry Profile of Serious to Critical Injuries 2009

25- Model Trauma System Planning and Evaluation

26-Traumatic Brain Injury : Diagnosis ,Acute Management and Rehabilitation